Zhejiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd covers a total area of about 1.36 million square meters. It has 5 production lines, and3 of the production lines focuses on offshore service vessels. 2 out of the 3 production lines are for indoor slipway production lines equipped with a floating dock which specializes in the production of world's high-end offshore vessels, such as PX105, SX130 and GPA696 with world advanced level. The third production line is an outdoor slipway line producing series offshore vessels. Its current annual output is 30-36 offshore vessels. The company’s self-designed offshore vessels such as SPA80, SPP17, SPP35 and SPU1000 will be introduced gradually into markets. Zhejiang Shipbuilding has emerged as the global leader in this niche market. Besides the offshore vessel production lines, the remaining 2 production lines are outdoor slipway lines. The current main products are Sinopacific’s in-house products such as CROWN 118,000 DWT, CROWN 58,000 DWT bulk carrier and 4250TEU container ships.